Educational Milestones Unveiled in BTR: 10 Colleges Provincialised, 259 Teaching Jobs Announced

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In a momentous stride towards enhancing the educational landscape, the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) board government has recently disclosed transformative initiatives during a press conference led by government spokesperson and EM of BTR, Wilson Hasda.

The headline announcement revolves around the provincialisation of 10 colleges in the BTR region, signifying a commitment to expanding access to quality education. These colleges, including notable institutions like Tamulpur College, Gurudev Kalicharan Brahma College, and Dimakuchi College, are now set to receive governmental recognition and support.

Simultaneously, the declaration of 259 teaching positions injects vitality into the academic sphere. The roles encompass a diverse array, with 79 individuals appointed as staff professors, 65 as tutors, 108 in non-teaching staff positions, and seven assuming office staff roles. This strategic move is poised not only to address staffing needs but also to elevate the overall educational experience for students across these institutions.

Looking beyond colleges, the BTR government is extending its commitment to education with plans to recruit 1216 teachers for primary and middle English schools in the region. This expansive effort aims to fortify the foundational levels of education, ensuring a robust academic foundation for young learners.

In a parallel development, district commissioners in BTR will witness a shift in responsibilities. According to Hasda, these officials will no longer be tasked with monitoring and overseeing development projects for 16 departments in BTR. This administrative realignment aims to streamline focus and resources, allowing for a more dedicated approach to educational initiatives.

As the BTR region charts this ambitious course in education, these multifaceted measures underscore a commitment to holistic development, fostering a brighter future for the region’s students and contributing to the overall progress of the community.

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