Heartwarming Christmas Initiatives by Leo Club of Guwahati South

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In a season of giving, the Leo Club of Guwahati South, in collaboration with its parent club, has undertaken heartwarming initiatives to spread joy and warmth throughout the community.

Spreading Happiness during Christmas:
The festive spirit came alive as members of the Leo Club celebrated pre-Christmas festivities at Geetanagar Rd. Delightful gifts, including coloring books, color pencils, choco snacks, candies, (real) juice, and balloons, were distributed, radiating smiles and bringing joy to the community. Recognizing the childhood dream of meeting Santa during Christmas, the club surprised street children with Santa outfits, making their Christmas extra special.

Blanket Distribution:
In the spirit of warmth, the Leo Club, hand in hand with its parent club, conducted a blanket distribution drive at Geetanagar Rd. Blankets were distributed to residents, enveloping them in comfort and care during the chilly days, embodying the true essence of the season.

These acts of kindness not only had a positive impact on the community but also serve as an inspiration for others to join hands in making a difference. The Leo Club of Guwahati South believes that such stories deserve recognition, not just for their efforts but also to inspire a ripple effect of compassion in the community.

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