Tuliram Ronghang Forecasts BJP’s Victory in 2024 Parliamentary Election

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Tuliram Ronghang, Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC), exuded strong confidence in the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) forthcoming success in the 2024 Parliamentary elections.

Speaking at the “Unity, Victory and Prosperity Rally” hosted at Langmepi Playground in West Karbi Anglong, Ronghang voiced his conviction in the BJP’s triumph under the leadership of Narendra Modi, predicting a resounding return to power for the party with Modi as the Prime Minister.

“I firmly believe that the BJP will secure victory in the 2024 parliamentary elections, bringing Narendra Modi back as the Prime Minister,” Tuliram stated during the rally.

Acknowledging Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s efforts in addressing the issues of the Karbi Anglong region, Ronghang highlighted the emphasis placed on development and progress. He assured the implementation of the traditional customary law court system and pledged to provide NFSA cards to Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, alongside raising the monthly honorarium for Sarkari Gaonburas (SGB) to Rs 10,000.

During the event, several initiatives were announced, including the distribution of Rs 10,000/- cheques among Self-Help Groups (SHGs), provision of blankets, spray machines, and a notable influx of opposition party members into the BJP.

Ronghang emphasized the collective efforts of ‘Team Karbi Anglong,’ comprising political leaders, KAAC members, and local citizens, aimed at fostering the welfare of the people. He underscored their commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the underprivileged populace in Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong districts.

“Our primary objective is to establish an autonomous state under 244 (A) within the framework of the Indian Constitution,” Tuliram reiterated.

The rally attendees also celebrated the BJP’s recent victories in three out of five states where assembly polls were conducted. Notably, supporters from opposition parties were seen actively participating in the event.

The rally saw the presence of several key figures including MLA of Baithalangso, Rupsing Teron; MLA of Diphu, Bidya Sing Engleng; MLA of Howraghat, Darsing Ronghang; chairman of KAAC, Raju Tisso; executive members of KAAC, president BJP West Karbi Anglong District Committee, Radip Ronghang, among others.

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