Euphuism 2024 begins at Girijananda Chowdhury University

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GUWAHATI,Jan 30: Girijananda Chowdhury University is looking forward to host its glitzy annual sports cum cultural festival “Euphuism 2024” themed ‘EEKSHA’ from Jan 30 to Feb 1.
The three day festival will comprise various cultural performances, competitions and workshops, including dance, singing and Glitters – an inter college fashion event. The inaugural session marked the commencement of university’s annual festival, “Euphuism 2024” The session brought together esteemed guests, dignitaries, teaching and non-teaching staff of GCU, participants and enthusiastic attendees from different schools and colleges to witness the beginning of an impactful event. The event began with lighting of the auspicious lamp by the guests and dignitaries.
Jasodaranjan Das, President, Shrimanta Shankar Academy Society extended warm greetings to all attendees in the inaugural speech. Prof. Kandarpa Das, Vice Chancellor, GCU emphasized the significance of the event and highlighted the objectives of the Annual Fest. Distinguished keynote speaker, Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, Former Director General of Assam Police, delivered an insightful speech by addressing the young generation on the current scenario of the society and the new challenges and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence. He mentioned about terrorism in North East India, roots of terrorism and the importance of removing discrimination among the communities. The inaugural session included expressions of gratitude to the event’s sponsors and partners, recognizing their invaluable support. The inaugural session concluded with closing remarks by Dr. Basab Das, Faculty Convenor expressing gratitude to everyone involved. He expressed gratitude to the University fraternity, sponsors, collaborators and the participants of the events. He spoke on the upcoming events of Euphuism and encouraged the participants to actively participate in the diverse range of activities. The inaugural session concluded with the rendition of the state anthem. After the inauguration ceremony the students of Girijananda Chowdhury University presented a dance and musical concert before the crowd mesmerising them with their performances.


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