Apple Forced To Stop iOS 17.3 Beta Update For Testers: Here’s The Reason

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The new iOS update is facing major issues in the beta avatar forcing Apple to stop its roll out to fix the problem before it affects other testers. iOS 17.3 is supposed to be the first major update for iPhone users in 2024 and the start hasn’t been very promising. Many iOS beta testers claim the iOS 17.3 update made their iPhone unusable as it was not starting up after installing the update.

Bricking iPhones isn’t a small matter even though it happened in the beta phase where these incidents are common and expected. But Apple has decided to act on the problem and stop its release to avoid more people falling into the trap of bricked devices.

For any of you who have already faced the problem of bricking the iPhone, Apple suggests you to enable the Recovery Mode on the device which allows the iOS version to roll back to a stabler iOS update and wait for the company to offer the newest and stable version of iOS 17.3 update which should come in the next few weeks.

iOS 17.3 promises to be an interesting update for iPhone users with some of the delayed features expected to be announced. Apple is also planning for a big AI integration with the next iOS update which could include a new-look Siri which could finally bring some ChatGPT-like features for iPhone users. WWDC 2024 could be the platform where Apple’s direction towards the future with AI will be revealed in front of the world.

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