Sports Fiesta 3.0 concludes in Guwahati

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Guwahati, 4th February: The Leo Club of Guwahati South, in collaboration with the Leo Club of Guwahati Gold’s mega one-day sports event, Sports Fiesta 3.0, concluded on Sunday(Feb 4)). This event, marking the third edition of their sports fiesta series, aimed to promote physical well-being, sportsmanship, and serve a noble cause simultaneously.

Sports Fiesta 3.0 showcased a diverse array of activities, ranging from deadlift, arm wrestling, carrom, and chess to badminton, sprinting, and relay races, ensuring engagement for participants of all interests. The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with participants from various backgrounds coming together, creating an atmosphere filled with competitive spirit, joy, and camaraderie.

The occasion was graced by the presence of esteemed sponsor owners, who attended as guests of honor, adding prestige to the event. Particularly noteworthy were the chief guests, the owner and co-owner of ‘Wommaniaas’, whose support played a pivotal role in amplifying the event’s impact and emphasizing the community spirit underlying the clubs’ endeavors.

Both the Leo Club of Guwahati South and Leo Club of Guwahati Gold operate with a shared vision to serve society through various initiatives. Sports Fiesta 3.0 not only provided a platform for sports enthusiasts but also served as a significant fundraiser to support ongoing and future community service projects. These initiatives span educational support, health camps, environmental conservation, and other societal contributions, underscoring the clubs’ commitment to fostering community well-being through sports and physical activities.

“We believe that the success of Sports Fiesta 3.0 deserves recognition within our community and beyond,” expressed club representatives. The clubs extend an invitation to media outlets to cover this impactful event, aiming to highlight the spirit of community service and sportsmanship, with the hope of inspiring more individuals and organizations to support similar causes.

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