Stressless Initiative: Introducing Sound Healing Meditation

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Dibrugarh, March 30, 2024 -The 4th-semester Public Relations students of the Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication, Dibrugarh University, Assam, took a significant step towards promoting stress free awareness on campus with the launch of their “Stressless Initiative” awareness campaign. The event, held at the AASU office, commenced at 4:00 PM and garnered participation from individuals across various departments.

Under the guidance of yoga and meditation instructor, Luna Handique, from the esteemed Shivananda Yoga Studio, Dibrugarh, attendees were led through a series of transformative sessions aimed at alleviating stress and fostering inner peace through “Sound Healing Meditation”. The event aimed to promote stress free environment among students amidst academic pressures and personal life.

A participant, shared her experience, stating, “The Sound Healing Meditation has been a refreshing experience for me. It’s rare to find such dedicated efforts towards promoting stress free well-being on campus. I feel rejuvenated and empowered to tackle challenges with a renewed sense of calm. “The event saw enthusiastic participation from students fostering a sense of community and solidarity in promoting stressless awareness on campus. Attendees expressed gratitude for the initiative and eagerly anticipate future endeavors aimed at nurturing well- being within the university community.

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