Guwahati City FC Celebrates AFC Grassroots Day

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Guwahati, May 15 – Guwahati City FC observed AFC Grassroots Day with a series of events aimed at promoting the importance of grassroots football in the community. The celebration took place at the GCFC Football School’s Arizona and Arena 28 Centers, attracting over 60 enthusiastic young participants.

The event featured various football activities, including skill development sessions, small-sided games, and fun exercises designed to instill a love for the sport among the youngsters. The coaches from GCFC Football Schools led the sessions, ensuring that every child had the opportunity to learn and enjoy.

AFC Grassroots Day is celebrated across Asia to highlight the importance of grassroots football in nurturing young talent and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Guwahati City FC’s participation underscores its commitment to developing football at the grassroots level and providing opportunities for young players to develop their skills in a supportive environment.

“We are thrilled to see such a great turnout for AFC Grassroots Day,” said Darick Ranjan Deka, Co-Founder of Guwahati City FC. “Grassroots football is the foundation of our sport, and events like this are essential for fostering a lifelong passion for football. We are committed to nurturing young talent and contributing to the growth of football in our community.”

The event was a resounding success, with participants and their families enjoying a day of football and camaraderie. Guwahati City FC looks forward to hosting more grassroots events in the future, continuing to inspire the next generation of football players.

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