24×7 Delhi Markets, “Patriotism” In School Curriculum: 10 AAP Promises

New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party – locked in a three-cornered fight with the BJP and the Congress in Delhi – released a “28-point guarantee card” today as its election manifesto. Among AAP ‘s big poll promises are round-the-clock markets in the city and expanding national capital’s metro network to make it the “world’s largest”. The AAP, which has claimed an easy win due to a ‘pro-incumbency’ wave in the national capital, has also promised “patriotism” curriculum in its manifesto. AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, who is seeking a second term , today said that people in the city and even his rivals are impressed with his government’s performance. The Congress and the BJP have already released their poll manifestos.

Here are top ten-points on AAP election manifesto:

  1. In its manifesto, released by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, the AAP has proposed round-the-clock markets in Delhi after Maharashtra last month implemented the idea in Mumbai, financial capital of India. Shops and restaurants will remain open 24*7 in these markets as a part of pilot project.
  2. The AAP, which has emphasised on education both as a development and political issue, has said it will come out with a “Deshbhakti” curriculum in its second stint, after success of “happiness” and “enterpreneurship” curriculum in the government schools.
  3. After being accused of failing Delhi’s sewage workers by the BJP, the AAP has promised a compensation of Rs 1 crore to families of Safai Karamcharis who die while performing their duty.
  4. The Delhi Jonlakpal Bill introduced in 2015 is “pending with the central government since four years,” the AAP said today. “We will continue to struggle to get the bill passed,” the party said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday had attacked AAP and said that people of the national capital “are still waiting for Lokpal”, which was the main plank of Arvind Kejriwal’s manifesto in the 2013 assembly elections.
  5. Full statehood of Delhi – another point of contention between Arvind Kejriwal and central government – also features on poll manifesto.
  6. Delhi’s metro network, which the Congress claims is a part of former Chief Minister’s Sheila Dikhsit legacy – will be expanded so that it becomes “world’s largest”, AAP promises in its manifesto.
  7. Pilgrimage will be facilitated for ten lakh senior citizens, says the manifesto.
  8. The 28-point programme of the AAP also includes pursuing the central government for the inclusion of Bhojpuri into the 8th Schedule of the Constitution.
  9. Doorstep ration delivery is one of the big election promises made by the AAP, fighting on development issues, for February 8 assembly polls.
  10. “After working for development issues for five years, it’s time to take Delhi to next level,” Arvind Kejriwal said today. The AAP has promised better public infrastructure, improved law and order and compensation for farmers who suffer losses.
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