A ‘HYPOTHESIS’ story of Black-White-Worm holes, Human Time Machine & Cause of death

Author: Hriday Debnath


A ‘HYPOTHESIS’ story of Black-White-Worm holes, Human Time Machine & Cause of death by a 20-year-old boy HRidaY Debnath from Assam’s Silchar who is an engineering student in CS and also a rapper. Recently, he composed awareness rap songs “Rape and Murder” and “Go Back Corona”.

1) Black Hole, White Hole & Worm Hole might be existing in every human life on a daily basis.

2) People lose their lives might be because of black hole as it loses energy due to Hawking radiation.

3) We may be traveling occasionally into the past and future whenever we visit our dream regularly on a daily basis with the help of a ‘Human Time Machine’ neurons as they gain the speed of light.

4) As we know that energy neither be created nor be destroyed as per the law of conservation of energy, so when a black hole disappears in our human life, it stimulates Hawking radiations and that’s why when a near-death human body kept under a glass box it explodes it.

5) We know that mass doesn’t depend upon gravity as per relativity theory. And as per Quantum physics, our body is made of every atomic and sub-atomic particle and the particles do also exist in a black hole as well as the universe and everything existing in our nature is also created by the same equivalent particles. It is also known to us that E=mc² and a black hole exist because of energy.

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