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Chhota Bheem isn’t marrying Indumati, makers confirm after ‘Justice for Chutki’ trends

English NewsChhota Bheem isn't marrying Indumati, makers confirm after 'Justice for Chutki' trends

Netizens had earlier trended #JusticeForChutki as rumours were rife about a possible marriage between Chhota Bheem and Princess Indumati.

The Internet can be quite a mixed bag. It has the power to make the most mundane and bizarre grab limelight and engrave it in the netizens’ minds for the times to come.

Social media has a lot of power these days. It can trend the most useless things and, at the same time, give a voice to those that need the most. It has become a very useful platform in more ways than one.

Speaking of topics, there are always two sides to the internet. One is the side where it gives a voice to a cause. The other is more for the fun and hilarity of it all, which also means that the topic in question may have just become the talk of the town because everyone is bored out of their minds these days.

One such topic is based out of a very popular cartoon series in the country named ‘Chhota Bheem.’ Yesterday, a rather bizarre hashtag was trending which was called “Justice for Chutki.” Under it, netizens were furious about the protagonist, Chhota Bheem, marrying Princess Indumati and, in the wake, leaving Chutki alone. Chutki was his best friend.

A lot of names were thrown left, right and center towards the main character for using someone like Chutki and never giving her the love and respect she deserves.

The next piece of news coming your way may be a sigh of relief for those who actively tweeted under it.

The creators of the cartoon, Green Gold Animations, posted on Chhota Bheem’s official Facebook page and quelled all the rumors about the possible union.

Here is the post:

The makers also requested to keep the ‘innocence’ alive by not throwing in the angle of love and marriage between the three characters.

Needless to say, netizens have reacted to this piece of news. A lot of them feel that “justice has been served.” Many of them tagged their friends and poked fun at this information which might not have served an important purpose but provided them some comic relief.

The cartoon has been quite a rage amongst the children. As the hashtag was trending, it also became a source of many memes that added to the hilarity it provided.


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