October 9, 2018

China-Pak sign special UAV agreement

Another defence agreement was clinched between Pakistan and China as an immidiate backdrop of recently signed Indo-Russia S-400 Missile deal.

Pakistan air force on their social media platform shared about this agreement. This agreement is supposed to stand as a clear challenge to India in the coming days.

Sherdils Aerobetic team of Pakistan will be provided 48 Wing Loong ¡¡ Unmanned aerial vehicles by China as per the agreement. Completely self maintaining, these 48 aircrafts will be manufactured by Chengdu Aircraft Industrial group of China.

Wing Loong ¡¡ aircrafts are used for many high level military operations.The various models of this aircraft include Station target, moving target, time sensitive target, air ground coordination apart from other crucial mechanisms.

According to sources, after it’s demonstrative flight in February last year, this unmanned aerial vehicle was able to emerge as one of the most popular UAV in the international market.

It will be important to mention that this China-Pak drone agreement is the most expensive among all the agreements that have taken place between the two nations so far.

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