COVID-19: Assam MP Naba Kumar Sarania clarifies about his name in the Nizamuddin visitors list

At a time when entire Assam is the grip of panic after the Nizamuddin expose, it has come to light Kokrajhar MP Naba Sarania has recently visited Nizamuddin.

Talking to the media MP Naba Sarania said,”My JIO mobile number came in the list and as per my knowledge, whoever from Assam visited Nizamuddin their names have come up in the list. We didn’t went to the religious shrine. We went to an advocates house in Nizamuddin East and the incident happened in Nizamuddim West. So I think somehow my phone number was also tracked as I passed through the area. We have already sent the reports to authorities.”

Sarania added,”If someone visited the Religious place. They should come forward and do all the necessary measures as provided by the authorities and Government.”


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