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Exclusive Interview: Winner of Miss Chavang Kut Northeast 2021- Rachel Sonar

InterviewsExclusive Interview: Winner of Miss Chavang Kut Northeast 2021- Rachel Sonar

Nagaland’s Rachel Sonar bagged the winner’s crown of Miss Chavang Kut Northeast 2021 held on 26 October 2021. A student who recently Post graduated, being a hybrid of two beautiful communities, Gorkha and Kuki (Paite), Sonar hails from Darjeeling (West Bengal) and Churachandpur (Manipur) and is currently settled in Kohima, Nagaland. Speaking about herself, Sonar said, “I was bestowed with the culture of such diverse ethnic identities. Henceforth, the stretch of knowing and learning was innumerably immense especially with the unique traditions, customs, dialogues and culture each has. It is indeed a blessing.”


The Institutions I was privileged to attend was from Gargi College Delhi University for Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in applied psychology, I completed my master’s from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi in Linguistics. Also, a post-graduation degree in Clinical Psychology from Indira Gandhi National Open University.

About school life:

I have attended Fernwood school from nursery till high school and for Higher secondary have studied in G.RIO school Kohima, Nagaland. The memories of school life take me back to the nostalgic feeling of having lovely teachers, a humbled principal, headmaster, the foundation for building the personality inculcated in me today. My ever-helpful friends the group studies, the playful times, the foundation of knowledge and confidence comes with experience and the institution provided with co-curriculum focusing on the overall development of the individual which gave a reason for the complete upliftment. It is rightly said, the only source of knowledge is experience. I am indeed grateful of being a part of two such prominent schools. Sending love and best wishes through this written platform.

About college life:

I was enrolled in a girl’s college Firstly, for my bachelors in Gargi college Delhi university, and then for masters in IGNOU and JNU. The beautiful memories will be the participation, the main confidence, the realization of courage, determination, hard work, the zeal to believe in the goals and ambitions that came in those red building walls. The love and support of the professors will always be cherished, memories of the amazing family of friends I have made, the competitions I have won, especially for poster making, the main exposure to be the best of oneself was provided in these days. My favorite place to be would be the library, canteen, and in a solitude area under a tree, since it had a great campus area. The glaring individual space college provided each singly will indeed be the foundation for the current upliftment.

Modeling Career? How did this interest come up?

Modeling was never planned, but I have been observant of fashion TV shows, American next top model, MTV India’s next top model, and it left a mark. Blissfully, this is my first-ever opportunity posing for the lens and I am very grateful to everyone who made it possible for me, thanking every individual named or unnamed involved behind and Infront of the process, thank you for the confidence in me, big cheers to supportive family and friends.

My interest in the camera came from a very young age. I loved posing for pictures. My elder brother Dr. Valte was really the hand that led the way, he would always click my pictures, this ultimately made me camera-loving.

After growing up there were thousands of pictures clicked via phone, posing in different frames and posting only a few pictures to virtual sites.

Likewise, clicking pictures of me by myself made me feel good about my inner being is connected to self-awareness. Happy or disheartened, I would click and this is how where everything began. Also, there were two photographers who approached for a photoshoot during graduation, and my friends continuously supporting and advising me to pursue modeling as a career made a hole. However, I never paid attention until the Big win Misschavangkut_northeast 2021, and the amazing people I met after that. All thanks to the effort and belief of such great people a liking to pose for the big frame and the beginning is achieved. Must say, God, put everything in time and place together for me. All glory to Him.

What do you think about- Modelling as a career?

Apart from the quote beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, I would also say it lies in the personality of an individual, modelling exactly celebrates the overall charismatic being of an individual. My answer to this question would be a hypothetical one the main aim is to keep trying new things and giving the best in whichever work I am placed in. Any Work I do will always be worshipped.

Speaking about the event, Miss Chavang Kut Northeast 2021, Sonar said, “Honestly, being a person who loves an introvert space, I wasn’t so active on Instagram and the flyer to participate was brought to me by cousin sister Khriela, she insisted me to participate.

The selection was online due to the current pandemic situation. An introduction video was told to be sent to the organizers, out of which 16 contestants got selected. After that ramp walk, traditional attire and speech video were asked to be sent, Here I want to thank TAFMA, Nagaland, and Hotel Heritage for providing their humbled space for me to shoot and also sister Alice, brother Joseph, my friend Rokoselie Nakhro, brother Valte, my mom and two of my cousin sister Avinuo and Khriela for assisting, motivating and supporting me, not forgetting my ever-ready friends and supporters, my relatives from Churachandpur village Manipur and my fellow contestants with such great personalities themselves. After which followed by personal interview round six finalists were selected who competed for the title.  Special thanks to the organizers of Miss Chavang Kut Northeast in collaboration with beauty queen northeast, Mizo Kuki, for organizing the platform and believing in us, and judges designer make-up Artist photographer model.”

About the contest and festival

 The theme of Miss Chavang Kut 2021 was “UNITY THROUGH CULTURE” which gives us a message of the accreditation of the feeling of brotherhood. Going back to the history of THIS FESTIVAL, it is considered to be the biggest festival of the Kuki-Manasseh groups celebrated widely across Kuki-Chin-Mizo who belong to the Menashe tribe-one of the 12 lost tribes of Israel. Likewise, it commemorates a rich heritage of many years and holds many folklores, and is considered as the harvesting festival. With the arrival of autumn, Chavang Kut in the medium of the festival is celebrated amongst the Chin-Kuki-Mizo community (CHIKIM) of Northeast India and engulfs other parts of the northeastern area like Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland with different names and capturing the vast culture of Northeast India shares as sister States.

Although there may be an assemblage of ideas and different approaches to understanding the festival talking of oneness. This stage has given the strong opportunity and a purpose, to recapitulate the traditions, with the main message OF UNITY, OF Genetic linkages, and Of Familyship. And therefore, The Carpeted platform garlanded years of togetherness, which still holds us as a messenger to spread the message of Love, of fellowship with one common purpose, and to show we are ONENESS in spite of the vast dialogues linguistically, customs and traditions. Celebrating a common representation of one descendent and lineage, and geography. This contest has pierced through the barrier of acceptance and credibility, reminding us that this festival is here to stay even for the coming generations. Participating in this contest has left a personal mark on me especially of the knowledge of Chavang Kut as a festival of UNITY and surely it shall captivate the entire countrymen and largely in the future the entire World. I am thankful for this opportunity of being a Part and channel of the festival. This experience will always be cherished as I am Representing all other girls who fight every day to follow their dreams, who instead of thinking less of themselves decide to boldly stand and take the step of Faith in their hard work and talents. And the overall message of the festival speaks of unity and peace. As mentioned, and applied in my experience the famous quote given by – Albert Einstein says to “Never give up on what you really want to do, the person with dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.” To always believe and stay motivated and give the best in whatever we do above all wining comes later first step is to Try.

Any Message for the People of Assam:

Nomoskar Assam, Greeting to the beautiful People of Assam. Assam is very close to my heart, the culture, dance, attire, festivals (Bihu) connect to me deeply. The grandiose way we are all connected not only as seven sisters state of northeast India but linguistically with the language Nagamese the combination of Assamese, Hindi, Naga, and Bengali. Giving my love and wishes to all, your warm gesture of hospitability will ever be impinging in my heart, Tied together with the thread of love, togetherness, and Unity. Gratitude for the opportunity of making me a part of the state by connecting me through this print media coverage. May God bless our Northeast states and our Country as a whole. Last but not least blessings and wishes to the family.

It is to be mentioned that the Grand Finale of Miss Chavang Kut Northeast 2021 was conducted on the 26th of October 2021, in which-
The winner goes to Rachel Sonar of (Nagaland)
1st Runner up: Jeslin Lamneivah Mate (Manipur)
2nd Runner up: Damaris Ari paoh (Manipur)

 Sub Title winners are:
Miss Venonulu Ringa of Nagaland ( Miss fashion icon),
Miss Pratishya Medhi of Assam ( Best Rampwalk),
Miss Hanluchi of Nagaland ( Miss Photogenic and Miss Popularity).

Invited jury of the Grand finale:
Prabha Chettri (Reigning Miss Beauty Queens Northeast 2021),
Aries Haoneo Kuki (Kuki Singer and Song writer),
Looni Chongloi (Kuki Actress, former winner of Miss Transgender NE).

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