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GO̠PO̠ṚO̠- ‘A Santali Poem’

SantaliGO̠PO̠ṚO̠- 'A Santali Poem'


Am e̠mo̠ḱme̠ mit́ cuput́
Iń e̠mo̠ḱa mit́ cuput́
Uni e̠mo̠ḱa mit́ cuput́
Cuput́ cuput́ ạnjli hoyoḱ
Ho̠ṛko lạgit́ go̠po̠ṛo̠bon hoyoḱ

Am lahaḱme mit́ taṛam
Iń lahaḱa mit́ taṛam
Uni lahaḱa mit́ taṛam
Taṛam taṛam te̠ be̠naoḱ
Ho̠ṛko lạgit́ go̠po̠ṛo̠bon hoyoḱ

Am lahaeme̠ mit́ ti
Iń lahaea mit́ ti
Uniye̠ lahaea mit́ ti
Ti-ti aema daṛe hoyoḱ
Ho̠ṛko lạgit́ go̠po̠ṛo̠bon hoyoḱ

Am ro̠ṛme̠ mit́ katha
Iń ro̠ṛa mit́ katha
Uniye̠ ro̠ṛa mit́ katha
Katha katha aema upại hoyoḱ
Ho̠ṛko lạgit́ go̠po̠ṛo̠bon hoyoḱ

Am oḍokme̠ mit́ siki
Iń oḍoka mit́ siki
Uni oḍoka mit́ siki
Siki siki aema ṭaka hoyoḱ
Ho̠ṛko lạgit́ go̠po̠ṛo̠bon hoyoḱ.

— Brijesh Kisku

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