Guwahati: Know more about the people who tested COVID-19 positive today

GUWAHATI: Fifteen people have been tested positive for COVID-19 in Guwahati on Wednesday.

List of the people who have been tested positive:

1. Sunil Roy(28).

2. Biswanath Sha(34).

3. Kriahna Kumar Gupta(32).

4. Pravin Kumar Rao(28).

5. Bindeswari Thakur(30).

6. Goni Keward(60).

7. Mukesh Singh(40).

8. Subodh Kumar(49).

9. Sankar Saha(22).

10. Ajay Kumar(32).

11. Sumit Kumar(22).

12. Sipu Jan Nishad(57).

13. Pravat Anand(25).

14. Sanjeet Kumar(24).

15. Lakharo Nishad(40).

It is to be mentioned that all are related to the patient from Guwahati’s Fancy Bazaar who had recently tested positive. All the people are under quarantine.

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