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Health Minister Keshab Mahanta Launches Cathlab Of Swagat Hospitals

English NewsHealth Minister Keshab Mahanta Launches Cathlab Of Swagat Hospitals

 The Swagat Super Speciality Hospital and Surgical Institute on Sunday formally introduced its department of Interventional Radiology and advanced Cathlab, one of its kind in Assam. Keshab Mahanta, minister Health & Family Welfare and Science & Technology formally inaugurated the unit located in the 8th floor of the Hospital premises.

The vascular interventional department of Swagat is one of the first installations of ‘Azurion’ the advanced technology ceiling model cathlab of Philips having several benefits over conventional cathlabs as told by the team of Cardiologists of the Institute.

While speaking on the occasion, Health minister of the state Keshab Mahanta stated that Swagat has been in the forefront of pioneering work towards providing healthcare to the people of the state and the country and overseas patients and has also been trusted by the people and “I am glad that the Institute has come up with such an advanced technology for heart patients and for those needing cardiac interventions”. He also mentioned that he is personally pleased to inaugurate this advance Cathlab and the department that would empower the doctors to treat right.

The inauguration ceremony was also attended by the two eminent cardiology specialists of the country, as honourable guests of the occasion, Padmabhusan Dr T.S. Kler, an eminent cardiologist of Fortis Heart and Vascular Institute Gurugram, and Dr. Kaushal Pandey, the famed cardiac surgeon of Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. Both the special invitees spoke to the audience and the media and appreciated the efforts of the Hospital in bringing this department for the benefit of the people.

Dr. Chandra Das, the cardiologist introduced the facilities of the new advanced machine and briefed how the machine would benefit not only cardiac patients needing intervention but also the other patients needing radiological, neurological and other vascular interventions.

Dr. Subhash Khanna, the founder and chief medical director of the institute in his welcome address spoke about the features of the machine and how it will not only help patients with heart ailments but also in managing patients with stroke and internal bleeding and also from peripheral blood vessel disorders. He spoke about the events that forced him to add this feature to the centre that focuses more on advanced surgical techniques in managing advanced accident and trauma patients. He also mentioned how time would be saved in treating stroke patients through radiological interventions and how stenting can be done in cardiac patients with minimal risks and maximum results. Removal of spleen and other vital organs could also be avoided in some patients of accidental injury with the new machine with radiological embolisation and major surgery could be avoided. He also mentioned how it will be easy to stop internal bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract and limb vessels and also how the inoperable tumors would be shrunken by this technology.

The inaugural ceremony was attended by other directors of the institute prof Swagata Khanna, Dr. Ayushman khanna, COO Jahidur Rahman and the interventional radiologist Dr. Gaurav Chayan Das and interventional neuroradiologist Dr. Gorky Medhi and Dr. Firdaus Ahmed apart from the consultants of the Hospital and the prominent citizens of the city.

Chief medical director and the consultants of the department addressed the guests from the media after the inaugural ceremony.

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