Here Is When Selena Gomez Totally Rocked In a Saree

Selena Gomez is without any doubt one of the best pop singers we have ever known over the past years. The star was loved ever since she first put out her first track and now has a fan base of millions all over the country which just does not seem to stop growing in numbers and this comes as no surprise considering what an amazing singer she truly is. She is known for her melodious voice all over.

She was first seen on screen on Barney and friends as a child and then as a teenager in wizards of Waverly place. The star then put out some great party tracks and other emotional ones too. Great examples of these are The Heart Wants What It Wants, Love Song and I Want You To Know. The star is also known for her fashion choices where she is always experimenting other new things. She even tried on a saree when she shot for the song when you’re ready was on.

It was a rusty red saree with an orange undertone and a thick border and fans went ballistic at how great she looked. She once even wore an Indian inspired outfit at her concert for the same track.


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