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Hindu temple vandalised in Birmingham-UK

English NewsHindu temple vandalised in Birmingham-UK

There have been three incidents in the last month in a Hindu temple in Birmingham, when idols have been vandalised, prompting concern among community leaders and moves to increase security measures.

The incidents were reported in the Shree Ram Mandir in Walsall. The Hindu Forum of Britain said the acts caused much anxiety and sought immediate action from authorities in the Midlands against those responsible.

The local news media have reported the incidents recorded on CCTV, publishing images of the idols vandalised. A temple staff member is reported as saying that the idols were smashed with either a cricket bat or a hockey stick.

The HFB said the incidents were the latest among several in recent months. Trupti Patel, HFB president, said the group itself was formed after a meeting of leaders following such an attack at the Shree Vallabh Nidhi Temple in Wembley.

The HFB has held security conferences in partnership with the Home Office and the police to raise awareness of the threats facing the temples and the solutions of making them secure.

The Home Office has a scheme to fund security measures to prevent such incidents in places of worship.

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