December 2, 2021

Jio Fiber Introduces Double Data Monthly Benefit on Annual Subscriptions: All Details

Jio Fiber has introduced additional data benefits for its annual subscription plans. Reliance Jio has updated its website to reflect this change, and all plans from the Bronze to Titanium now offer additional double data on annual subscription. The Bronze plan, for instance, offers 350GB of data for annual plan subscribers – an addition of 100GB monthly data as new benefit. If users opt for monthly rental, then the data benefit is 250GB that includes 100GB plan benefit, 100GB double data benefit due to the lockdown, and 50GB introductory data benefit. The double data benefit could end soon, given that the lockdown restrictions are now being lifted gradually.

Just like the Bronze plan, Jio Fiber is now offering additional data for Silver annual plan subscribers. The Silver plan 12-month subscription now offers 800GB of total monthly data, with the additional annual benefit at 200GB. This plan includes 200GB plan benefit, 200GB double data benefit, 200GB introductory data, and 200GB of annual plan benefit. Similarly, the Gold plan offers a total of 1,750GB of monthly data for annual subscribers. This includes 500GB of annual plan benefit, 250GB of introductory data, 500GB of double data benefit due to the lockdown, and 500GB of plan benefit. The new plans are now live on the company website.

Coming to the Jio Fiber Diamond plan, it now offers 4,000GB of high speed monthly data benefits for annual subscribers. The Diamond plan offers 1,250GB of monthly data benefit for those who opt for the 12-month subscription. This plan also comes with 250GB of introductory data benefit, 1250GB of double data during the lockdown, and 1,250GB of plan benefit. The Platinum plan offers a total of 7500GB monthly data benefit for annual subscribers with 2,500GB of monthly annual benefit for long term plan buyers. This plan includes 2,500GB of plan benefit, 2,500GB of double data benefit during the lockdown, and 2,500GB of annual data benefit. There is no introductory data benefit on this plan.

The most premium Titanium Jio Fiber plan now offers massive 15,000GB of monthly data benefits with the new additional annual plan data. This plan includes 5,000GB of plan benefit, 5000GB of double data during the lockdown, and 5,000GB of annual plan benefit. The annual plan benefit added to these plans is equivalent to the base data benefit offered alongside. This means that users who opt for annual packages, will be able to enjoy double the prescribed data. The introductory data that has been added to a few plans is valid only up to six months. The double data added to all plans is temporary, and will likely be removed once the lockdown phase is over. This new annual data benefit addition was first spotted by OnlyTech.

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