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Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport plants over 10000 saplings

English NewsLokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport plants over 10000 saplings

Guwahati International Airport is increasing its green quotient both inside and outside the terminal building. Under this exercise, work on which is underway, the airport has drawn up plans to plant more than 10000 plants.
Guided by horticulture experts, the airport has taken a committed step towards making local flora part of its fast developing landscape. In Phase I, we have completed the entire Indoor Landscape of LGBIA and in Phase II, we have considered outdoor landscape development.
Total of 2609 pots have been utilized in the Airport in the outside and inside of the terminal. Work of placing more than 500 pots containing local varieties of ornamental plants at vantage locations both on the curb side and inside the terminal, is progressing. Plants have been placed in pots with potting mixture that consume less water. A total of 53 varieties of locally available indoor and outdoor variety trees have been added to the aesthetic appeal at the airport.
While all the indoor varieties of plant have been planted in large and small pots, the outdoor plants when in full bloom over a period will also enhance the visual appearance. So now one can find Anthurium, Bromeliads, Spathiphyllum, Aglaoenema, Croton Bangalore Beauty, Philodendron Ceylon Gold at the airport.
One will also see Palm tree, Raphis palm, Radermachera Sinica (China Doll), Eugenia, Chamaedorea Palm, Areca Palm and for attention in a landscape that is poised to reflect vibrant colours.

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