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BTC: Netizens thank EM Arup Kumar Dey for repairing bridge washed-away in flood

AssamBTC: Netizens thank EM Arup Kumar Dey for repairing bridge washed-away in flood

Local people of the Fakiragram area in Kokrajhar thanked Bodoland Territorial Council(BTC) Executive Member(EM) Arup Kumar Dey for repairing a bridge in just 7 days that was washed away due to a flood in the region.

According to sources, the EM inspected the condition of the broken bridge on 18 June and made a temporary bamboo bridge in just 7 days as immediate support for the local people. The bamboo bridge was completed on 26 June.

EM Dey posted on Facebook, “যোৱা 18 জুন 2022 তাৰিখে ফকিৰাগ্ৰাম সমষ্টিৰ অন্তৰ্গত শক্তিআশ্ৰম খুকচি গাঁওৰ ৰাইজক কথা দিছিলোঁ অহা 7 দিনৰ ভিতৰত বানত উটি যোৱা দলং খন মেৰামত কৰি অহা যোৱাৰ ব্যৱস্থা কৰি দিম ।

দুদিন পূৰ্বেই নিৰ্মান সম্পূৰ্ণ হৈ যোৱাৰ পিছত আজি 26 জুন 2022 তাৰিখে পৰিদৰ্শন কৰিলোঁ।
সাধাৰণ ৰাইজৰ বাবে কিঞ্চিতমান সেৱা আগবঢ়াই অতি সুখী অনুভৱ কৰোঁ, আগন্তক দিনবোৰত স্থায়ীভাৱে আৰু বহুতো কৰিবলৈ বাকী আছে।” (Translation- On 18th June, 2022, I had promised the people of Shaktiashram Khukshi village under Fakiragram constituency that we would repair the bridge temporarily that was swept away in the floods within the next 7 days.
After completion of construction two days ago, I visited today on 26th June 2022.
I feel very happy to serve the general public, there are more works to be done permanently in the days to come.)
Speaking to Guwahati Times, a local resident, Ritik Das said, “This was our only way of transport. We were very much worried after the bridge was washed away, but EM sir’s help came immediately and we didn’t face much issues.”
“Arup sir visited us after the bridge got damaged, he promised us about repairing the bridge. But, we did not expect the bridge to be repaired in such a short time. We are glad that we have elected a person like him as our area’s representative. He always stands with us in the time of need,” said another resident, Utpal Roy.

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