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NSCN (IM) warns Assam Rifles of ‘unrestrained fury’

English NewsNSCN (IM) warns Assam Rifles of 'unrestrained fury'


Incensed over the killing of two of its cadres by Assam Rifles in Arunachal Pradesh on March 20, NSCN (IM) has warned that it “is ready to go for unrestrained fury” in Arunachal if attack against NSCN goes on unabated. What happened in the Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh on March 20, 2022, has got on the nerve of NSCN after the Nginu killing more than a year ago. But this time around, the National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) is not going to take the things lying down.NSCN has had enough in the hands of the Assam Rifles (AR), and it is now time to say ‘enough is enough’, NSCN (IM) said in a statement issued on Tuesday.”Two NSCN cadres being gunned down deliberately despite knowing that they are not NSCN-K (YA) members is something we cannot forbear any longer. There is, therefore, a question from NSCN and a decisive answer that should come forth from the Government of India (GoI) on the status of the IndoNaga ceasefire in Arunachal Pradesh. Ridiculous enough, on many occasions, the AR has gone too aggressive to get the best of the Cease Fire Ground Rules (CFGRs) to suit its devilish design against NSCN which exercised a gentleman attitude all the way to honor the CFGRs.The AR does not give a hoot when it comes to the CFGRs no matter how abusive it looks from the political perspective which goes into signing the historic Indo-Naga ceasefire in 1997. This has been the reckless attitude of the AR for the last 25 years while rubbing the wrong side of NSCN,” it continued.NSCN (IM) then warned, “NSCN is ready to go for unrestrained fury to give sleepless nights to the AR in Arunachal Pradesh if the mindless attack against NSCN goes on unabated under one pretext or the other”.It went on, “Arunachal Pradesh has been on NSCN’s radar for quite some time when the Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister and his Deputy Chief Minister entered into a political conspiracy to erase the ethnic identity of the Nagas in the state.NSCN shall leave no stone unturned not to allow any Naga MLAs/ Ministers to walk away scot-free on charges of supporting anti-Naga socio-politico stand” .”NSCN has not sent its forces to Arunachal Pradesh to create a nuisance or provoke the trigger happy AR. It is our right to exercise prerogative. It is our right to contribute to building peace in our land to fulfill the purpose of signing the ceasefire 25 years ago. But if the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) thinks that there is no ceasefire in Arunachal Pradesh, let it be so.NSCN shall waste no time to unbind itself from the shackle of the ceasefire ground rules it believes covers Arunachal Pradesh,” NSCN (IM) added.

According to news agencies, the two cadres belonging to the NSCNIM were killed in an alleged gun battle with the security forces in Tirap. As per reports, the two were killed during an encounter with the troops of the Assam Rifles and Police. As per the operating team, one more person was suspected to have been injured during the incident. They also said that a huge cache of arms, weapons and other warlike stores were also recovered from the area of the encounter. The forces found one AK 56 rifle with a magazine, one 5.56 mm M4 A1 Carbine (US made) and one .32mm pistol were recovered from them. The encounter was a result of a joint operation based on specific inputs about the presence of a suspect group in the area. The cadres were accused of being involved in extortion activities and recruitments of new members.

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