Russia Says Phase-3 Trials of Covid-19 Vaccine Sputnik V to Begin in India This Month, Results by November

Russian Direct Investment Fund’s (RDIF) head Kirill Dmitriev has said that clinical trials of Sputnik V Vaccine will begin this month in India, and in few other countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Philippines and Brazil. He further said that the preliminary results of the Phase III trial will be published in October-November 2020.

Meanwhile, India has surpassed Brazil to take the second spot among the nations worst-hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to preliminary findings published in The Lancet journal recently, results from early-phase non-randomised vaccine trials in a total of 76 people show that two formulations of the vaccine have a good safety profile detected over 42 days, and induce antibody responses in all participants within 21 days.

As per a media report, citing a source, the Indian side is now “deeply engaged” with Russia on the Sputnik V Vaccine. The comprehensive data is being analysed by Indian experts and sources told Indian Express that conducting Phase 3 clinical trials is an option that’s being explored.

‘Sputnik V’, which was approved in Russia last month, passed the early tests and produced antibody response in all participants with no serious adverse effect, The Lancet journal had said this last week.

The World Health Organization on Friday insisted it would never endorse a vaccine that has not proven safe and effective, amid concerns over the rush to develop a jab for Covid-19.

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