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Sagarika Roy wins Mrs India Homemakers S17

LifestyleSagarika Roy wins Mrs India Homemakers S17

Sagarika Roy, a resident of Guwahati, brings laurels to the state by bagging the prestigious Mrs India 2022 crown, at the Mrs India Homemakers S17, held in Delhi, on April 18. She has also achieved the sub title of Mrs Queen Universe 2022 in the pageant, held in the aegis of Naaz Joshi, the first International Transgender Beauty Queen of India. The pageant was held at the Akshara Theatre in New Delhi, stated in a press release.

India’s first international trans beauty queen hosts Mihm season 11.

Mihm Season 17 hosted by Naaz Joshi

On April 18th, the stage of Akshara theatre was dazzled by the beauty of 30 contestants who came from various parts of India, age group of contestants was from 5 to 65, India’s most diverse pageant witnessed them in traditional and western costumes. The show was directed by Naaz Joshi, with the assistance of Sahrukh Ali, anchored by Naaz Joshi and judged by C Elina Sangtam, Kiran Boro, Reena Rai, Rita Gangwani, Sanghamitra Deka, show was graced by famous film producer-director and actor Vipin K Sethie, film actor Mr Shammi, Renu Luthra, Shubhannkar Dey, RJ Rahul Chahar, Anil Arora, Rajesh Chauhan, Deepak Gupta, Anuj Gupta, Grv Sharma and Amit Garg.

The contestants were awarded in various categories, Mr King Universe went to Nishant Sinha from Silchar, King World went to Dhruv Senn from Bihar, Mr King Nations went to Abhishek Das. Whereas Queen Universe went to Denkheswari from Bodoland, Queen World was bagged by Pinky Bhatta, Queen Earth went to Bhawana Pedaperalu from Telangana, Queen Globe went to Richa Chetry, Queen Asia went to Shona Chakraborty, Queen International went to Aniya Saha. Mrs Queen Universe was bagged by Sagarika Roy, Teen Universe went to Gul Mehta, Preteen Universe went to Saina from Delhi, Mrs Queen of Nations went to Padma who is a famous singer, Miss Supreme Universe went to Ani Last Queen, Miss Queen of Nations went to Samredhi Singh from Uttar Pradesh and Miss Divine Universe went to Nisha Maurya from Moradabad. Mrs India Home Makers Classic went to Bornali and Mrs India Home Makers went to Upali from New Delhi. Miss Queen Universe went to Angelica. Princess Universe went to Deetya from Delhi.

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