Samsung is preparing to launch its massive 55-inch Odyssey Ark curved monitor in August, according to a report from Korean outlet ETNews (via SamMobile).
Announced at CES in January, the monitor has reportedly gone through some certification programs that need to be completed before it can go on sale.
Details about this monitor are still scant. The company has said that it’ll have a 16:9 4K panel and that the stand will support pivot, tilt, and rotation. It also announced that it would come out in the second half of 2022 (which the reported August window falls squarely in). But to be honest, when someone shows up with a monitor that promises to physically tower over them while using it, people are bound to pay attention even if one doesn’t announce the price or refresh rate, as per The Verge.

As the months go by, it can be difficult to remember anything from the flood of gadgets and technology. It would be questionable if Samsung actually announced an extremely curved and large monitor that can be stretched over and around someone, or whether it was just a fever dream. Rumours that it might actually be out relatively soon prove that it has indeed been announced and reminds us that we’re looking forward to it.
One thing that adds a bit of credence to the report is that Samsung has successfully released other monitors that it announced around CES this year, as per The Verge.
The much less ambitious M8 monitor has already gone on sale, as has the smaller curved gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G8. While that’s obviously not proof that Ark is next, it’s good to see that Samsung has been shipping its monitors to CES for a long time this year. (ANI)