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Soaring Vegetable Prices Hit Commoners

English NewsSoaring Vegetable Prices Hit Commoners

The unprecedented rise in vegetable prices has created a crisis situation in the city, and the blame apparently goes to floods.

From Rs 22 per kg nearly 15 days back, the price of lady’s finger has shot up to Rs 40-50 in the retail market. Similarly, ridged gourd and string bean are being sold at Rs 50 per kg.

The Teasle Gourd is now selling at double the price it was selling nearly a month back. After showing an upward curve, brinjal is now stable at Rs 40-Rs 45 per kg.

There are some other vegetables securing their position in the ‘premium’ category with their rate per kilogram hitting a ton. Vegetable supply at the Fancy Bazar wholesale market has also been affected due to the ongoing situation.

Guwahati gets vegetable supplies mainly from Kharupetia, Dolgaon, Meghalaya, etc. Due to floods, the supply of vegetables has stopped from some of these places.

The city markets witnessed a hike in prices of vegetables. Short-supply of vegetables was also glaring in the market. Vegetables that have been priced at Rs 15/20 by the wholesalers are sold at Rs 45-50 by the retailers.

It has been seen that the retailers have been charging more than double the wholesale prices. The retailers say that this being the monsoon season they’ve no way out to take to such hikes in prices.

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