In a delightful blast from the past, the beloved gaming show ‘Takeshi’s Castle’ is making a triumphant comeback with a fresh new season. Streaming giant Prime Video officially announced the Indian revival of this 80s Japanese game show, and there’s an exciting twist: popular content creator Bhuvan Bam has been chosen as the show’s commentator.

The upcoming season promises to capture the quirky essence of the original series, featuring swashbuckling adventures, entertaining setups, challenging games, and, of course, the trademark hilarious commentary.

Expressing his enthusiasm for being a part of this iconic show, Bhuvan Bam shared, “Ever since I watched the original version of Takeshi’s Castle on television, I’ve been an ardent fan of the concept, execution, and the sheer hilarity of the game-show. It’s an incredibly nostalgic moment for me, having grown up watching the show, and now, voicing it feels like a full-circle experience. There’s hardly anyone in my generation who hasn’t cherished and enjoyed this madcap comedy. Being a part of this incredible game-show is both a privilege and an honor. As an entertainer, my audience has always appreciated the unique yet relatable characters I’ve portrayed, and I’m excited to bring a bit of my creative self as ‘Titu Mama.’ I’m hopeful that the younger generation will love this show as much as we did.”

Manish Menghani, Director of Content Licensing at Prime Video India, shared his thoughts on reviving this iconic show, saying, “Takeshi’s Castle is undoubtedly one of the most iconic shows in India’s television history. Not only in India but across the globe, Takeshi’s Castle enjoys a massive fan following. As a global streaming service, our mission is to curate diverse content from all corners of the globe while maintaining its relevance and appeal to our local audiences. We are thrilled to announce Bhuvan Bam as the voice of the brand-new season of Takeshi’s Castle. We are confident that his uproarious and unique commentary on this iconic Japanese game-show will leave viewers in splits. This show promises to rekindle nostalgia and offer an entirely fresh and exhilarating experience to younger audiences.”

While further details about the new season are eagerly anticipated, fans can look forward to an exciting blend of nostalgia and contemporary entertainment in the reboot of ‘Takeshi’s Castle.’