The President of the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee, Jakir Hussain Sikdar, has raised allegations that the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) serves as the “B-team” of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This assertion comes amidst evolving political dynamics in the region.

In contrast to these claims, AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal recently expressed support for the Opposition bloc, INIDA. Speaking to ANI, Jakir Hussain Sikdar stated, “The relationship between AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma is well-known, as they share a close association. While Badruddin Ajmal is stating his intention to align with INIDA, our leadership has firmly declined any partnership with Badruddin Ajmal and his party. Badruddin Ajmal is not only a political leader but also a businessman, and, therefore, we cannot place our trust in him.”

Sikdar further emphasized that the Congress party aims to improve its performance in Assam during the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections and affirmed that the party has no plans to forge an alliance with Badruddin Ajmal. He concluded by stating, “We are diligently working on strategies to oust both the BJP and AIUDF from power.”

Notably, on Wednesday, the Assam government established a committee to draft legislation aimed at banning practices such as polygamy and inter-religious marriage by false identity, as well as addressing the role of ‘Kaji’ in child marriage matters. In response, AIUDF MLA Aminul Islam criticized Assam’s Chief Minister, alleging that the BJP’s actions were politically motivated in the lead-up to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Aminul Islam also noted that AIUDF’s stance on polygamy would be determined after reviewing the proposed bill. He expressed his personal disapproval of polygamy, inter-religious marriages under false pretenses, or child marriages. However, he suggested the need for provisions allowing a husband to marry another woman if the first wife is critically ill and consents to such a union. Furthermore, he urged the government to introduce an anti-rape bill for the protection of women, girls, and children, emphasizing his prior calls for such legislation.