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Tiffin box hurled at group of Naga women, told to go back home

English NewsTiffin box hurled at group of Naga women, told to go back home

NEW DELHI: A group of young men verbally abused some women from Nagaland, and even hurled a tiffin box full of food at two of them, in Janwadi on Sunday evening. They were also “told to go back to their home state.”

Naga Students Union chief Lulu N Hohe told The Indian Express, “The eight women and one of their male friends were returning from an evening walk in Janwadi around 6 pm. Four youngsters, who were having a meal on the side of the road, started hurling abuses at them… one of them hurled a tiffin box containing ‘daal’ and ‘sabzi’ on the girls. The terrified women returned to their respective apartments in the vicinity.”

Hohe said the next day, the women apprised the Union of the matter, which in turn approached Deputy Commissioner of Police Bachchan Singh. “He has directed police to probe the matter. We have provided the vehicle numbers of the youths to the police,” she said.

Tamslaa Anni Chang, one of the women in the group, said, “We were all returning from our evening walk…we were completely caught unawares when they hurled the tiffin box at us. The ‘dal’ and ‘sabzi’ fell on two of us and spoiled our clothes”.

Kristy Chang, another member of the group who has also lodged a complaint with the police, said, “Though the miscreants did not block our way, they tried to manhandle our male friends. At that moment, we were all worried… the abuse they hurled at us and they way they flung the meal at us frightened us.”

Kristy said the incident has scared her and she wants to return home. “I work in a salon. It has been closed due to the lockdown. After this incident, I am planning to return home.”

Tamslaa said they decided to approach the police as they didn’t want to keep quiet. “If we keep quiet, then another incident will take place. Though we have not sought any police protection, we want the police to take action against the trouble-makers,” she said.

Alleging that it was a case of racial discrimination, Hohe said,”The miscreants were racists who hurled abuses on the girl based on their appearance.”

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