Exclusive interview with the Winner of prestigious “National Youth Icon Award 🏅 2019” :

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Nripanka Das is a Mechanical Engineer at a distinguished renewable German Engineering firm and is involved in biomass energy projects providing clean electricity, heating and cooling for some of the most remote places of the world. Mr Nripanka has been associated with building micro-grid technology that integrates bio-waste, solar and storage to provide an economical reliable supply of energy anywhere in the world. He has been associated with building micro-grid technology that integrates bio-waste, solar and storage to provide an economical reliable supply of energy.

Mr Das has helped developed a sustainable, modular and mobile power units, fitted in a 20 ft. container, integrated with solar/storage to create a completely decentralized power grid which is cheaper, reliable and eco-friendly. Being an academician and researcher, he is dynamically involved in contributing towards sustainable development goals targeting clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, climate action and good health and well-being. He has been testing diverse waste fuels (biomass fuels) and currently implementing clean energy projects at New Delhi, India.

Mr Nripanka has been presented the prestigious Gold Medal by Minister of Science and Technology, India for securing 1st Rank in Mechanical Engineering at University. He has also been awarded the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship Award for Engineering Masters Programme in Manchester, United Kingdom. He was selected for the prestigious Future Leader Congress as a Delegate representing India at United Nations Asia-Pacific, Thailand. He has been selected as a GFI India Fellow and has been closely associated with the concept of growing meat outside of an animal from a small cell sample, eliminating the need for factory farming and slaughter which leads to global warming at an alarming rate. He was selected for prestigious socio-economic project in Philippines (Global Community Development Programme) and represented India at a global level.

Mr Das was also selected as a Youth Delegate at 2nd International Youth Forum on Human Rights and SDGs (IYFNepal2018) [Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights]. He got selected for prestigious Young India Fellowship for development of change agents across India and received Certification in English Language Teaching and research in ISTANBUL, TURKEY, under the prestigious University of Cambridge. He was selected as an International Delegate at FUTURE YOUTH SUMMIT organized by COMMONWEALTH YOUTH COUNCIL and COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT at Malaysia. He was the winner of VAHANNA: National Level Technical Symposium for Best Research Paper. He also worked as a Mechanical Engineer at the reputed Sterling Global in Nigeria and developed techniques on seismic interpretation and data acquisition.

Nripanka worked as a research fellow in Colombia and traveled across different states (USA) to develop feasible technological solutions to solve energy problems in rural areas. He has been deeply involved in the concept of “learn by fun” and has implemented innovative teaching methodologies for university students at Bogota, Colombia. He has been creating awareness about environment protection through actively participating in marathon and won six medals and two trophies.

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