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WATCH: Uttar Pradesh policemen thrash, slap young man for alleged traffic violation

English NewsWATCH: Uttar Pradesh policemen thrash, slap young man for alleged traffic violation

In eastern Uttar Pradesh, Siddharth Nagar, a young man was beaten, dragged and slapped by two policemen on Thursday, September 12 for alleged traffic violation. The incident has been captured on camera.

In the video, a terrified little boy looks on as his uncle is thrashed by the two policemen.

After the video went viral, the policemen have been suspended and a departmental probe has been ordered.

According to a report in a TV channel , circumstances that led to the assault are not clear yet. Primary reports suggest that Rinku Pandey, who was riding a motorcycle, had got into a scuffle with the police personnel on Thursday afternoon when they stopped him to check his papers.
The video shot on a mobile phone by a passer-by shows sub-inspector Virendra Mishra and head constable Mahendra Prasad thrashing him and verbally abusing him. One of the police officials even sits on young man who is pinned to the ground. The man was also pulled by his hair.

The little child also seems to have injured his hand.

“If it is my fault, you can lock me up in jail,” the man tells the policemen in Hindi. The child can be seen walking up to him and giving him something.

At the end of video, young man refuses to give the key of his motorcycle as the policemen try to snatch it from him. “Tell me, what is my fault?” he asks them.

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