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You Are Lying: Anurag Thakur Denies Raising “Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko” Slogan

English NewsYou Are Lying: Anurag Thakur Denies Raising "Desh Ke Gaddaron Ko" Slogan

Chandigarh: Minister of State for Finance, Anurag Thakur on Sunday refuted the claims that he had raised “desh ke gaddaron ko…” slogan during the Delhi assembly elections and said that people should first enhance their knowledge as half knowledge is dangerous.

When reporters said that he had raised “desh ke gaddaron ko…” slogan during Delhi elections, Anurag Thakur said: “You are lying. You people should first enhance your knowledge. Half knowledge is dangerous. The matter is sub-judice so I’m not commenting further.”

Mr Thakur held a meeting with businessmen, representatives of industry, chartered accountants and tax officials at a dialogue ceremony organized by CII in Chandigarh earlier today and addressed the media persons in Chandigarh, according to the Office of the Minister of State for Finance.

During the meeting, he invited their suggestions and feedback on various economic policies and subjects and presented the government’s side as well.

“This is an attempt by the Modi government that we reach the entrepreneurs and traders, solve their issues. As our tax base has increased, there has been an increase in the number of individuals taxpayers and not only this, tax collection has also increased. There have been more than Rs 1 lakh crore tax collections in the last four months,” said Mr Thakur.

“The economy is constantly improving. We also announced the corporate tax rate cut in Goa. The most attractive tax rate worldwide is to pay only 15 per cent tax for new manufacturing units instead of 30 per cent. This will lead to new manufacturing units, employment will increase, country’s income will increase and our vision to create a $5 trillion economy and the goal we have set, we will achieve it by 2025,” he added.

Speaking about the violence that recently erupted in northeast Delhi, Mr Thakur stated that strict action should be taken against those who instigated or were involved in Delhi violence.


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