Anti Islamic terror : Vivanta Taj hotel guests accuse hotel staffs of severe assault

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Shameful, loathsome, disgusting, no word seem to be enough to explain pychic cast discrimination and absurd judment in the name of terrorism around the country.

Its been just a few months since the nerve wracking, gut dropping Karbi Anglong mob linching case. In another such absurd and outrageous incident of harassment resulting from mis judgement, three youths from Barak valley allegedly had to go though severe assault by the staffs of hotel Vivanta Taj, Guwahati.

As per the report, three guests named Sahab Uddin, Zahid Islam Barbhuiya and Imran Hussain due to the time schedule of their flight decided to stay a night
in the Vivanta Taj hotel, Guwahati.

But, to their shock, all three were allegedly judged to be associated with some terrorist organisation because of their Islamic attires and humiliated by the hotel authorities for more than 6 hours.

Not only the hotel authorities intimidated and mentally harassed them, they also called on CIB, and Assam Police along with an Army intelligence group to investigate in terms of proving these three innocent youths to be terrorists.

From checking their personal belongings without permission and snatching their mobiles to questioning them using harsh words, the hotel authorities allegedly tried their hard to prove these three youths as terrorists basing on their Islamic attires and beard.

Later after allegedly detaining the youths for hours with incessant questioning, when the investigators didn’t find any clue of their linkage to terrorism, all three were released at around 1.30 A.M to spend the whole night on the foot paths of Last Gate, Guwahati.

Although the hotel authorities later upon completion of investigations allegedly apologised to the group of youths for their misconduct, they decided to leave the hotel as soon as possible and spent the night under the bare sky.

The group of youths while sharing about their horrible experience with Guwahti Times said that they would take the matter to Consumer Court in the coming days so that no such incident could ever take place anywhere in the country.

It will be important to mention here that out of these three youths two of them were teachers in some Assam institutions and one was serving in the Indian army as a Jawan.

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