Things Women Notice About Men On The First Date

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Of course, being courteous and polite are usually a good start, although some women prefer bashful loudmouths, so you should do your research.

The first date is an important moment in life, even if you’re not certain it will work out in the long run. This means that the first step and, therefore, the first impression is very important. If you count on scoring a second date, you should listen to what we have to say.

Of course, being courteous and polite are usually a good start, although some women prefer bashful loudmouths, so you should do your research. But besides the basic stuff, there are other things that will help you win the chosen one’s affection.

1. Good Sense of Humor

Almost every girl thinks she looks best when she laughs. And that’s actually true. Women love having a good laugh; just don’t force them to smile. That’s a cringe move. But if she starts laughing at everything you’re saying, or even worse — out of the blue — you better take her phone, delete your number and run like the wind.

2. Good Manners

Even if you are very anxious and nervous about the first date, you don’t need to hide it by acting cheeky. Of course, you should not be too courteous either, but try to find good middle ground. You do not want your date to see your nervous posh side, do you? Behave like a regular human being, tell her sweet nothings, don’t slurp too loudly, and fight your urge to pick those boogers from your nose.


3. Pay Attention to Your Date

Your chosen one has been preparing for this date way harder than you have. She probably did a beautiful hairdo, suffered through the manicure session, applied copious amounts of makeup… In other words, she tried to look her best for you and most likely spent a lot of time and money on it. So you better appreciate must make sure that her efforts are not wasted. Be sure to point out how beautiful she looks, even if she went overboard. Especially if she went overboard. Compliment her luscious hair, the fancy manicure, the shoes — basically please her ego. Girls really appreciate those who pay attention to their appearance. And it’s not just a dirty trick, as with these words you will make her more self-confident, making certain the further communication will be more chill.

4. Don’t Be a Jerk

On the first date, you should not make any rude comments about the girl or her appearance. Even if you really dislike smokers or drinkers, as you absolutely should, see if there’s something you like about her that outweighs the bad habit. At the end of the day, you can come to a compromise, but the best way to resolve this situation is to decide then and there whether you will continue to hang out with her or if that’s your last date. To be fair, however, keeping something like that from someone you like will only get you this far. Be straight, be blunt, and be ready for a compromise.


5. Body Odor

It’s not always enough to just compliment her and make awkward jokes because these things have a tendency to end up with hugs, kisses, and Lord knows what else. What we’re trying to say here is that you should work on removing that nasty BO unless you’ve established the male scent as one of her kinks. Otherwise, you may forget about scoring a second date. As we said, this doesn’t apply to all the women, of course, but staying clean is a good rule of thumb in any situation, so don’t be gross.

6. Be Generous

They may not be ready to admit it, but most women love getting pampered by presents and luxurious things. So as your last resort, when nothing else works, there are two types of men who will still get that second date: those that have a ton of money and those with a horse-sized personality. All girls love animals, don’t they?

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