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2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Debuts As A Road-Legal Monster

English News2022 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Debuts As A Road-Legal Monster

Road-legal, that was the first term in Porsche’s press release announcing the debut of the 992-Generation 911 GT3 RS, and aptly so, because at a first glance the new GT3 RS looks like a track-only monster from all perceivable angles. It looks unmistakably 911, but almost every little detail about its exterior screams excess. The first and the biggest visual differentiator of the 911 GT3 RS from the other mere mortal 911s has been the rear wing, and in this generation the wing has grown significantly in dimensions, making it the largest one to be put on a 911.

There is a lot of aero trickery happening on the RS. Porsche has removed the 3 radiators from the car and replaced them with a single large tilted radiator, which now sits under the hood, nullifying luggage space. This has added a unique look to the hood of the 992-gen 911 GT3 RS, and the car now gets huge nostrils. This has freed up a lot of real-estate along the sides of the car, allowing space for active aero bits, which all contribute in adding overall downforce and enhancing cornering ability. And since that was obviously not enough for Porsche, they have also designed the wishbone suspensions to have a teardrop-like shape since a lot of air flows through the wheel arches, and according to Porsche, this alone has added as much as 40 kgs of downforce.

Speaking of the rear wing, it is a ground breaking unit. For the first time in the history of Porsche, it has fitted a rear wing on a production car which is even taller than the roof of the car itself! The large wing adds a lot of downforce, and takes the total downforce figure of the GT3 RS up to 409 kg at 200 kmph, and a whopping 860 kg at a full chat of 285 kmph. At these speeds in straight line, the wing is more of a hinderance than of aid, which is why Porsche has equipped the rear wing with a Formula 1 style DRS (Drag Reduction System). For all the non-F1 fans, what this does is it flattens the rear wing at the push of a button with the top movable element opening up, allowing air to pass through the wing and reducing drag.

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