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Guwahati 30 November: FCF India, with support from IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) organised a Design Consultation meeting on 30th November 2023 at Hotel Lily, Guwahati, for a carbon project, which is being designed as per Gold Standard guidelines.

The project is being designed as a micro-scale Programme of Activities (mPoA), named, “GHG reductions with better irrigation practices in rice cultivation.” The mPoA aims to introduce better water management practices in rice cultivation resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We invite comments/feedback for this programme. The consultation’s main objective is to share the details of the proposed project and solicit opinions from other stakeholders about how the project can be made more meaningful to different stakeholders.

The Chief Guest for today’s event was Dr. Mawsam Hazarika, Director of Horticulture, Govt of Assam. He emphasized on the importance of water management and reduction in GHG emissions, especially from rice cultivation. He also appreciated the project on helping the farmers build climate resilience. Other distinguished guests at the event includes Dr. Pradip Kr. Bora, Director, North East Regional Institute of Water and Land Management, Tezpur; Dr. R. K. Thakuria, Director, Directorate of Open & Distance Learning, Assam Agriculture University, Khanapara and Mr. Jasmeet Singh, Founder & CEO, FCF India. Mr. Jasmeet in his speech thanked all participants for their interest on the issue and expressed his eagerness to spread this initiative successfully across northeast benefitting the farmers and the ecosystem together.

Additionally, farmers from different Farmer Producer Companies also participated and shared their experiences in the event.

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