Iconic elephant ‘Lakhimala’ dies at Kaziranga

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GUWAHATI ,April 24: ‘Lakhimala’, an elephant employed for tourist safaris within the Kaziranga National Park in Assam has reportedly passed away under mysterious circumstances.
Lakhimala was a prominent feature of the safari experience at the Bagori range within the park.
According to its mahaut, the tusker had been ill for a long time, including trouble in eating and drinking.
Meanwhile, allegations have surfaced suggesting that both the elephant’s owner and park authorities sought to conceal the circumstances surrounding its death. Furthermore, they purportedly tried to discreetly transport the carcass out of the park via truck overnight.
Locals have expressed their grief by offering flowers and ‘gamusa’ to honor the memory of the departed elephant.

Author: Abhijit Kalita.

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