August 22, 2021

40,000 bottles of Codeine Phosphate-based cough syrups seized from Assam-Tripura border

In a major anti-drugs operation, Assam Police on Sunday seized 40,000 bottles of Codeine Phosphate-based cough syrups being smuggled under stacks of fruits at the Assam-Tripura border.

According to Assam Police, the drugs consignment was packed in 250 cartons that were hidden under 100 cartons of fruits in a truck. The truck was intercepted near the Assam-Tripura border in the Karimganj district on Sunday. The value of the seized drug consignment is believed to be approximately Rs 2 crore.

“Major blow to drug cartels! 40,000 bottles of cough syrup were seized at the Assam Tripura border by the alert staff of Churaibari WP. The drugs was carefully concealed under stacks of fruits. The seized narcotics have a market value of approx Rs 2 crores,” tweeted Karimganj Police.

Meanwhile, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma hailed the efforts of the Assam Police.

Taking Twitter, Sarma said, “Our police is hawk-eyed! On sniffing foul play, Assam Police seized a massive haul of 40,000 bottles of Codeine Phosphate, packed in 250 cartons and concealed under 100 cartons of fruits, in a truck at Karimganj, on way to another state.” (ANI)

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