December 6, 2021

Amid COVID-19 fight, water logging in Guwahati after downpour adds to citizens’ woes

Guwahati: Amid the ongoing fight with the COVID-19 disease, waterlogging at several key locations after a brief spell of downpour in the morning has added to the woes of Assam’s largest city, Guwahati.

In several locations across the city, the mobility was severely restricted as tiny pools were formed even as the stubborn rain refused to recede. Within a few hours of the beginning of the drizzle, the entire city region had more or less been touched by the clogging.

In the early morning hours, persons commuting to work were caught unawares, and traffic snarls were witnessed; horns honking, pedestrians running to escape the rain’s wrath, and the sight of umbrellas became the norm in the morning today, adding to the sense of overall chaos. While some would welcome the rain, especially in view of the searing heat of the past two days, the ‘urban flood’ has continued to create a nuisance in the lives of city dwellers.

Source: The Sentinel

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