Every year 21st September is observed as World Alzheimer’s Day to raise the awareness about Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

The Alzheimer’s & Related Disorders Society of India’s (ARDSI) Guwahati Chapter organised a Walkathon and Cyclothon to mark the occasion. The program was graced by members of ARDSI – 1. Dr Ajaya Mahanta (President Emeritus) Retired as Professor and Head of the Neurology department of the Gauhati Medical College, 2. Prof. (Dr.) Ankumoni Saikia (President) Head, Community Medicine Department of Gauhati Medical College (Trained in Preventive Geriatric, UN) 3. Dr Neelakshi Mahanta (Vice President) Professor, State Cancer Institute, (WHO fellow in Geriatrics) 4. Dr Siddhartha Das (Secretary) Intensivist (Anaesthetist) 5. Mr. Rajkamal Bhuyan (Treasurer)
More than 70 cyclists took part in the Cyclothon and almost 30 people participated in the Walkathon. The venue for the program was the walking zone near Veterinary playground at Khanapara. From there the cyclists rode for a distance of 15 kms through Jayanagar Chariali- Beltola Tiniali – Bishnu Rabha Path – Bhetapara Chariali – Rajdhani Masjid – Ganesh Mandir – Ganeshguri Chariali – GS Road – Dispur – Six Mile – Khanapara. The people taking part in the walkathon walked from Khanapara to Jayanagar Chariali and back for a distance of 3 kms.
Dr. Neelakshi Mahanta welcomed the participants and spoke about the importance of understanding Alzheimer’s and why we need to be aware about it. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in old age. It is a brain disease which results in progressive loss of memory, thinking and reasoning skills. It destroys the brain cells which cause memory loss, memory changes, erratic behaviour and loss of orientation. Usually the disease starts slowly but gets worse with time. One very common early symptom of the disease is difficulty in remembering recent events. Alzheimer’s patient forgets the name of the people like family members, long-time friends, address, and other things.
All the participants were provided with T-Shirts, as well as Certificates and refreshments after the ride ended.

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