March 27, 2021

Assam Assembly Election: Angoorlata Deka casts her vote in Batadroba

GUWAHATI: Batadrava sitting MLA and Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) candidate Angoorlata Deka cast her vote in the first phase of the Assam Assembly elections on Saturday. Deka cast her vote at a polling center in Batadroba.

“মই মোৰ গণতান্ত্ৰিক অধিকাৰ সাব্যস্ত কৰি ভোটদান কৰিলোঁ৷
আপোনালোকেও আপোনালোকৰ গণতান্ত্ৰিক অধিকাৰ সাব্যস্ত কৰি ভোটদান কৰক৷ এইয়া ভোটদাতা ৰাইজলৈ মোৰ বিনম্ৰ অনুৰোধ৷
বটদ্ৰৱা বাসী ৰাইজৰ বহুমূলীয়া ভোট দানে এখন সুস্থ, সৱল আৰু বিকশিত বটদ্ৰৱাৰ ভেটি প্ৰতিষ্ঠাত মৃতসঞ্জীৱনীৰ ভূমিকা পালন কৰিব৷,” Deka wrote in Facebook.

(I voted by exercising my democratic right. You also exercise your democratic right and vote. This is my humble request to the voters. The valuable vote of the people of Batadrawa will play the role of the dead in the foundation of a healthy, strong and developed Batadrava.- Translated to English)

It is to be mentioned that she is contesting from the Batadroba seat for the second time.

In the first phase, polling is underway in 47 seats out of the total 126 seats in the Assam Assembly polls.

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