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Assam: Collection of blood plasma starts; Himanta Biswa Sarma expresses gratitude to donors

English NewsAssam: Collection of blood plasma starts; Himanta Biswa Sarma expresses gratitude to donors

GUWAHATI: The plasma bank has been set up at the Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) and the plasma donation process started on 3rd July 2020.

Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Sarma expressed his gratitude to the donors for donating plasma and also thanked to the team working at the bank.

When asked about his feeling after donating Plasma, Adarsh Agawal said, ” My feeling is same what i felt before, I didnt even knew that I have donated. It is a very easy process but I am feeling good because I think I have done something good for the society.”

When asked about why he came forward to donate, Agarwal said, “Our health Minister is doing a great job and when I was in hospital I felt what he and the Government did for us. Also the Doctors and all the health workers are working hard. I would like to thank all those who are fighting against COVID-19.

I thought about the people who are suffering from Covid and if I can be of any help why should’nt I come forward.”

Adarsh Agarwal added,” The donation process is very easy and I urge to all eligible plasma donors to come forward and help our authorities in the fight against Coronavirus.”

On Saturday, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma in a video said,”Assam has been witnessing a sudden spark in covid cases. Convolation plasma is fast proving to be one of the most potential weapons in our hands to treat covid patients.
Assam is one of the first states in India to set up plasma bank to treat covid patient with detailed mechanism for collection, distribution and use across the state.”

Sarma added,” I appeal to all eligible plasma donors from all over india to come to assam and donte plasma. You’ll be our esteemed state guest and your travel & stay will be taken care of.”

Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma urged people who have been cured of the disease to come forward and donate their plasma.

Meanwhile, few people have come forward and donated their plasma.

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