Assam Man complaints to PM Modi against the new advertisement of “Paytm T20 trophy”

Assam Man writes to PM Modi against the new advertisement of “Paytm T20 trophy” featuring Rohit Sharma and Pollard, of West Indies Cricket Team.

Rhino Man, Julin Boruah stated in a telephonic conversation, “The commercial advertisement of India vs West Indies Cricket Series featuring Rohit Sharma and Pride K Pollard is a disgrace to our country as well as West Indies. The frustration on Pollard’s face during the advertisement at the end says it all”.

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Julin Boruah has come to be regarded as the Rhino Man of Assam, for his sheer love for rhinos and for the urgent need to protect them from unscrupulous poachers and also to highlight the plight of the forest guards.

“1. It is ruining the dignity and reputation of India as well as the West Indies.

2. The advertisement goes against “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA”.(Atithi Devo Bhava prescribes a dynamic of the host-guest relationship.)

2. Cricket is known to be a Gentlemen’s game. It is somehow harming its reputation here.

4. Both the players, Rohit and Pollard, have huge fan-following across the world. So this video is ruining our country’s reputation worldwide.

5. This advertisement brought dishonor to the cricketing fraternity”, Boruah Added.


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