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Assam: Wine shops to remain closed till further orders

English NewsAssam: Wine shops to remain closed till further orders

Dibrugarh District Magistrate has ordered closure of liquor licensed premises from 4 pm on Wednesday for “preservation of public peace and tranquility” as the state police resorted to lathi-charge on protesters in the city earlier today while they were demonstrating against The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019.The decision was taken by District Magistrate Pallav Gopal Jha in exercise of the powers conferred by Rule 52(1) of the Assam Excise Act, 2000.The premises will remain closed till further order.Police had given a warning to the crowd to carry out the protests democratically in a peaceful manner. But a section of protesters blocked an ambulance on the road which compelled the police to resort to lathi-charge in order to disperse the crowd.The Bill smoothly sailed through Parliament after the Rajya Sabha passed it on Wednesday. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the Bill will give a new ray of hope to non-Muslims who migrated to India due to religious persecution in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.As many as 125 members of the Upper House voted in favour of the Bill while 105 MPs voted against the Bill. The Shiv Sena did not participate in the voting.The Bill was approved by the Lok Sabha on Monday night with a majority of 311 votes against 80 votes where 391 members were present and voting.It seeks to grant Indian citizenship to non-Muslim refugees who came from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan on or before December 31, 2014. (ANI)

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