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শিৱসাগৰত আৰক্ষীৰ জিম্মাত আচামিৰ মৃত্যু,উত্তপ্ত পৰিস্থিতি

শিৱসাগৰত আৰক্ষীৰ জিম্মাত আচামিৰ মৃত্যু, উত্তপ্ত পৰিস্থিতি।...

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Bodoland: UPPL Denies Allegations of BPF

AssamBodoland: UPPL Denies Allegations of BPF

It has been observed that BPF leader and former BTC executive member Shri Derhasat Basumatary has been indulging in fabricated politically motivated statement against the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government in Bodoland Territorial Region and it’s Chief Executive Member Shri Pramod Boro who is also UPPL President.
In a press statement today, UPPL Vice President, Dr. Bellao K. Karzee has come down heavily on BPF leader Derhasat Basumatary, who has been frequently attacking ruling UPPL party, said that the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is running with unity and integrity since its inception in the region and committed to work for the welfare and all round development across the BTR districts.

Notably, BPF leader Derhasat Basumatary levelled allegations against the BTR Government at a party meeting at Salbari on Sunday of Baksa district.
He has denied the allegations of BPF leader, said that it was a politically motivated to mislead the common masses.
He has clarified that the Deputy Commissioners (DC) have been involved in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) Government to monitor developmental activities and at the disposal of the Welfare of Bodoland region as Secretary partially in their respective districts in Bodoland Territorial Region.
He informed that the BTR government is working dedicatedly towards the welfare and uplift of the region since it’s inception.
He said that the BTC districts are ushering in new dawn of development and uplift post BTR accord and to expedite this process, DCs have been engaged as Secretary partially at the disposal of the BTR Government.

“The engagement of DCs as Secretary is not going to affect the development and welfare of people of BTR region, it is only going to expedite the developmental process and improve the transparency of government functioning. The present BTR Government is running in a very smooth way and DCs contributing a lot in this process.”, Dr. Karzee said.
He has promised to bring massive welfare and development in all aspects of the region, several mission and visions so far have been launched like CEM’s Super 50 mission for UPSC coaching, Bodoland Super 50 for IIT, NIT; Bodoland Pig Mission, Bodoland Skill Development Mission etc.

He said that the BTR Government have so far been stepped up various activities to create job-oriented programmes which have been attracting the common masses.
Dr. Karzee has denied the allegations levelled against the BTR Government and UPPL party, said that in today’s juncture BPF become irrelevant among the citizens in the region.
He has accused that BPF party has been indulging politically motivated statements to attract the mindsets of the party members as well citizens in today’s juncture.
While clarifying the allegations levelled against the implementation of PMAY schemes in BTR districts, he said that beneficiaries coming from all sections of the society are getting PMAY and Orunodoi schemes across the region as per guidelines reached from the concern departmental authorities.

He denied the allegations, said that no VCDC chairman/members are involved with bribe taking in the name of providing PMAY and Arunodai schemes from the bonafide beneficiaries.

“Our Govt and concern authorities are rendering services with dedicatedly across the region under the better governance in Bodoland region. There is no any space of anomalies and corruption among the beneficiaries while disbursement of Govt schemes”, Dr. Karzee said.
He has accused that the BPF party is neck dipped in corruption in their 17 years rule in BTC districts in various departments that paralysed in the welfare and uplift of the citizens.
He alleged that over 3000 crores of liabilities were left behind in several departments during the BPF ruled in BTC.

“Present BTR government has been emphasizing for bringing better governance with rendering effective services among the citizens since it has been voted to power in December (2020) and the BTR government is facing humongous challenge due to thousands of crore’s amounts of liabilities till date”.

Dr. Karzee informed that the BTR government under the Education department has initiated and distributed bicycle and school bags among the student beneficiaries as per the guidelines and norms reached from the concern authorities.

“The falls allegations and ill motivated propaganda by BPF leaders, are totally baseless and it is only to create confused as well as chaotic environment among the common masses”.
Dr. Karzee slammed the BPF leader Basumatary, said that the BPF party had never think about the welfare and development of the common masses in their 17 year rule in BTAD.
He said that BPF party only reigned the BTR to gaining up only their party as well individual, but not for social interest because no any developmental mission or vision was launched during the BPF ruled.

He said that the common masses in BTC suffered pathetically from developmental aspects due to the misrule of BPF in their 17 years of rule.

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