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BTC EM Wilson Hasda addresses press meet; slams BPF for making false allegations against current Govt.

AssamBTC EM Wilson Hasda addresses press meet; slams BPF for making false allegations against current Govt.

BTC Executive Member(EM) Wilson Hasda along with MLA Joyonto Basumatary and EM Gautam Das addressed a press meet on Monday at Baksa to clarify the false allegations made by Bodoland Peoples’ Front(BPF) leaders regarding no developmental works in Pramod Boro led UPPL government’s rule.

Earlier, BPF leaders in a press meet alleged that the UPPL government has failed to run the BTR government. Also, has failed to fulfill the promises they made. Speaking about the Koklabari constituency, they said no developmental works have been done to date.

To clarify the allegations, on Monday, a team from the current government addressed a press meet to inform the public of Kokalbari as well as BTR and Assam that the allegations are all false and it is a propaganda of the BPF government to mislead the common masses and convert their vote to BPF in the upcoming Koklabari bye-election.

EM Hasda said, “We are here to clarify the allegations on behalf of the (UPPL-BJP-GSP)grand alliance government. I want to inform you that yesterday in Koklabari BPF members attacked the current government and made various fake allegations about no developmental work in the Koklabari area. So, we wanted to clear those allegations, so that people don’t believe them and can know about the reality.”

The EM said that Under Chief, Pramod Boro’s direction numerous works have been completed in BTR.

Terming Pramod Boro, the guardian of BTR, and speakimg about various developmental works in Koklabari as well as in the BTR, Hasda added, “Firstly, Under the Goodwill project 700 KMs of road have been constructed and under PWD another 300 KMs of road have been made. A total of 1000 km road have been constructed in BTR . On the other hand, 26 road construction works have completed in Koklabari constituency under UPPL governments rule in the short period of one-and-a-half year.” He also asked the local people to verify, if they don’t believe or want to know more about the construction works.

Replying to BPF’s fake allegations, Hasda further said that 23 Anganwadi Centre have been constructed in the Koklabari constituency, among which 5 are model Anganwadi Centres. A total of 8 Erosion Protection schemes have been launched and works are in an ongoing process in all 8 spots. The foundation stone of the College of Agro-Forestry and Biodiversity has been laid in the area and will complete soon, Construction of 8 Composite schools has been completed in Koklabari.

He further said, “There was no Science Stream in the colleges under Koklabari. Now, BB Kishan College has Science Stream including a smart classroom. Water & hygiene facilities have been provided in KC College, Additionally, a special Classroom was constructed(Rs 1 crore project)and extra Rs 15 lakhs was given by Min. UG Brahma for earth filling.”

Bashing all the allegations by BPF, He said that all Funds are being used constructively, and special schemes are being introduced according to the needs of people in BTR. Giving example, Hasda spoke about the Gyan Sirang Bithangki scheme(for students’ dress, books, notebooks, travel expenses, etc).
He said that almost 200 candidates from each constituency are being identified and Rs 5000 has been transferred to such students’ bank accounts.

He also spoke about the Onsai Bithangki scheme, which is for poor families(small-scale earners). Such families are being identified and provided funds of Rs 5000 for the upliftment of their business. Till-date, a total of 157 families have been found and have received the said amount. Hasda also spoke about another 150 poor families who got financial assistance under the CM fund.

He further added, “Tribal Rest House in Keshab Nagar has been constructed, construction works are under process of the Water provision at Koklabari College under PHE department. Repairing works of Rabanguri Sub-centre under Veterinary department have completed, boundary & filling works of Sorna mini PHC under Health and Family Welfare department have completed, PNRD- 3 works completed, Fishery department- 2 schemes completed, Forest department- 2 completed, Sericulture department- 2 schemes introduced, Cultural department- 1 work completed, Water Resources department- 4 completed, Handloom department- 1 under process, WPT department- 1 completed, another under process, Dairy department- 1 completed where a self-help group was given benefits, under 15 finance- 42 scheme works have been completed, With MCLA fund- Pramod Boro being the representative of Koklabari constituency- 12 works have been completed, 5 PWD roads were completed. 8 ICBP road foundations stone have been laid and works will also start soon. Under Public Works Department(PWD), construction of a Cultural Complex at Assam Sahitya Sabha under Jalah VCDC, and construction of a drain at Jalah Godhuli Bazar is underway.”

He also mentioned about the ongoing works of porcupines in Angulisinga River, Kaldia River, and Digjiri River. He said that the Bodoland Pig Mission, Bodoland Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Mission, and Mushroom Mission will be of great benefit to the farmers and unemployed youths of BTR.

Slamming the BPF members, Hasda said, “All allegations made by BPF are fake. If we have not done any work, what are these, we have all the data with us and we are ready to share this with anyone. We are also ready to sit down with BPF members and talk face to face about the allegations. If they need a proof we are ready to take them to each and every site.”

If BPF had worked hard in the last 17 years, why are still so many developmental works left out, Hasda questioned.

He said that the UPPL Govt. is working on the unemployment issues in BTR, which were not fulfilled during the BPF’s 17-year rule. “We are working on it through new schemes and Projects”, he added.

“In the next three-and-a-half years, we will work in all aspects and people of all castes will benefit. People expect good governance and we are following that. Our government is here to help the public,” Hasda further added.

He further said, “BTR is peaceful now, previous govt. never worked on bringing peace. Pramod Boro has been working on that since his first day as CEM. Even when he was not the CEM, when he was a student leader, he worked for peace and prosperity and still working on that. He never supports violence and dreams to make BTR safe for the people.”

Hasda also mentioned a special scheme for students, ” To Support the poor and aspiring students who want to appear in APSC, UPSC, any competitive exams or become a Doctor or Engineer, our Government has launched super 50 scheme under which, every year, 50 students will be identified and will get free coaching to prepare for the competitive exams where they will also get lodging and fooding facilities. We believe it will benefit maximum candidates.”

Speaking about the upcoming election EM Hasda said, “We urge people not to believe BPF’s fake propaganda and support the BJP-GSP-UPPL- Grand Alliance candidate, Mantu Baro. He is a young eminent candidate and has a desire to work for the public. Earlier he was in charge of Koklabari, during the last election and is also a local, so he knows what the people want and need. We want you to vote for him as he is an eligible candidate and we have faith in him. He will surely work for the development of the Koklabari area.”

“We want to portray the real picture as we are working for the people of BTR. In the last 17 years, whatever money was wasted by the BPF govt. or the corruption that took place, we want to stop that and have been working hard to change that. In the last 17 months, after our Government came to power, for many days we couldn’t work properly due to the PIL and cases filed against us. After that due to covid-19, then re-election took place in Gossaigaon and Tamulpur due to the sudden death of local MLAs. Due to these numerous issues, we didn’t get the environment to work properly. Now from the month of June, we have decided to work at full pace and we hope people of BTR who believe in Peace and Progress will support us in our journey,” the EM added.

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