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Christmas: Midnight mass held before 10 pm due to night curfew in Indore

English NewsChristmas: Midnight mass held before 10 pm due to night curfew in Indore

Midnight mass on Christmas eve was held at Red Church in Indore before 10 pm on Friday, complying with the night curfew imposed by the state government.

The church was decorated with colourful lighting, craftwork and balloons.

Red Church’s media spokesperson, BA Alvaris said, “Complying to the orders of the Centre and state governments, we are celebrating Christmas as directed. We have also directed the people coming to the church to not crowd here. Therefore, some people will come now and some people will come tomorrow.”

“Masks have been made mandatory for all as a precaution. Today, prayers are being offered for the country to protect all from Omicron and to avert the third wave,” he added.

Christina James, a devotee at the Red Church said, “This is the second Christmas after COVID-19 pandemic and the biggest change is that there is no midnight mass.”

“Before Coronavirus, the mass began at 11.30 pm, but now in Indore, there is a curfew from 11 pm. Due to the curfew, the program today began at 8 o’clock,” she added.
Rahul Paul, who reached the church with his family, told ANI that family celebrations of Christmas are not happening as before. “Nowadays, greetings are going all digital.”
In Mother Mary’s Grotto too, the Christmas celebrations were toned down and were celebrated with simplicity. The birth of Jesus Christ was celebrated at 8.30 pm yesterday after prayers.

Jyotsna, who reached Mother Mary Grotto, said, “We used to celebrate Christmas with pomp and show every year; there would be a big function in the church. But due to Covid, all this has not happened for two years now. Hope everything gets better soon.”
Anshu Masih, a devotee said, due to Covid, it is not as fun to celebrate Christmas as before, but we pray that God removes the disease and we can celebrate the coming Christmas well. (ANI)

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