Dima Hasao likely to get medical college soon

The people of Dima Hasao district, one of the hill districts of Assam, have reasons to celebrate as the district is getting a medical college along with two other districts of Goalpara and Karimganj soon under the Centrally-sponsored scheme of establishment of new medical colleges, a highly-placed source disclosed.

Meanwhile, the Additional Secretary to the Govt of Assam, Health & Family Welfare (B) Department, Dispur, has written a letter to the Chief Engineer, Public Works (Building) Department, Chandmari, Guwahati stating that the Health & Family Welfare Department of State government has been taking up the matter of establishment of new medical colleges at Goalpara, Dima Hasao and Karimganj under a Centrally-sponsored scheme.

The Chief Executive Member, NC Hills Autonomous Council in his Facebook status has recently stated: “A good news for the people of Dima Hasao district. A medical college will be established in our district soon and that will be for the first time in the history of Dima Hasao. We are looking for a good site for the construction of the building.

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