May 1, 2021

Energy Aesthetic Therapeutic Center inaugurated in Guwahati.


Guwahati: To give skincare and beauty a new look, Dimpy’s Heal and Glow inaugurates Energy Aesthetic Therapeutic Center and introduces Reiki Facial Therapy Center in Last Gate Guwahati.

Veteran Journalist Pranay Bordoloi inaugurated the parlor and Assamese Film Actress Nishita Goswami was also present on the occasion with many other guests virtually.

Dimpy’s Heal and Glow don’t only deal in beauty care they have a variety of treatments that can deal with healing Covid patients as well.

Owner Dimpy Goswami Sharma on the occasion said, “ We are happy that something new like Reiki Facial Therapy is in our city and women’s will definitely get the benefit from it. This therapy typically takes around 60-90 minutes and at the end of the session the client is highly relaxed and rejuvenated.”

“Reiki healing is energy-based treatment and till now has not shown any form of negative side effects yet. The music that is used during the treatment using the desired megahertz re-energizes the body and mind as well as space for a calming facial n spa therapy,” she added.

Reiki is also known as universal life force energy that can provide us vitality and helps us nourish holistically. This vital energy of reiki may be used for rejuvenation of skin and also to remove different forms of conditions that may develop on the skin such as wrinkles, pimples acne on the skin.

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